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Clover schuler

 Clover, our lead Interior Designer recently celebrated her sixth anniversary with Magellan Architects and is also January’s staff feature! Select the button below to learn more about how she masterfully juggles her time as a design master, wife, and mother…

Staff Feature: Clover Schuler

Congratulations, Clover! Clover is our January staff feature and quite fitting as she just celebrated her sixth anniversary with team Magellan!

Important 2019 Interior Design Trends to Watch.

Have you ever noticed as the seasons change, so do the colors of many items sold at your favorite stores? Color trends have been around since, well, forever and they will likely be around, well, forever. 2019 is no different in that regard. After 2018’s period of dark grays and muted blacks, 2019 is ready to bring the color!

Redmond, WA

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Chance of Rain
High 52°/Low 46°
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Fountain Valley, CA

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Partly Cloudy
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Dallas, TX

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Chance of a Thunderstorm
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